Log Cabin Quilt Class

Imagine learning how to quilt this year! My step by step instructions will take you on a journey that will give you joy and excitement as you see this quilt come to life!


Have you been struggling to find a hobby that can bring you joy and relaxation? You really want to find something that will bring you that “me time” feeling. You know the joy and relaxation (and alone time) a hobby should bring. It should also feel productive and inspiring, too. You may want to be able to leave a legacy for your kids, grandkids, or other family and friends. Not only can this hobby provide gifts for those loved ones, but once you find your confidence you’ll be able to pass down your knowledge to them as well. I hear you and you’re not alone!

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JBQ Sewciety is full of projects made for creative women who don't have time to attend an in person class so they can cultivate their creativity through the art of quilting online and at their own pace! 

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We can't wait to see what you'll create in this class and all the skills you'll learn! 

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This Log Cabin Quilt Class is exclusive to JBQ Sewciety members!

Member benefits include: 

  • Library full of quilting tutorials
  • Classes including this one 
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These blocks are so much fun to build! They're one of my favorites! Truly, this block is hard to mess up which is great for beginners! 


This class is a work at your own pace. Watch lessons and create as many blocks as you'd like at a time! 


You will get a supportive, virtual community to interact, ask questions, and show off your progress with like minded quilters! 

Hi friend, I'm Rachel the instructor for this class! I've been teaching quilting since 2018. I love to see my students' success when creating a quilt. 

I know the struggle of trying to start a new hobby. Learning all the new tools, techniques, and tricks to get your project to turnout perfect. You don’t want to waste time or money on something that’s not going to give you joy or satisfaction.

This class will walk you through step by step to help you start and finish a quilt you’ll be proud to show off. I’ll be there to help you along the way and if you ever get stuck I’m just a message away! 


The benefits of an online, work at your own pace class are: 

  • You won't have to schedule your life around it. 
  • You can work at your own pace whether you're slower than the rest of the class or faster than them. 
  • You can quilt at your own time: morning, afternoon, midnight, whenever! 
  • You get access to the lessons for the lifetime of your membership so that you can make more than one quilt! 
  • Save money on gas by quilting at home. As well as, the perks of not having to haul your supplies to the class. 
  • Quilt along with me in the extended versions or learn the basics and then quilt on your own! 
  • Enjoy some peace and quiet "me time" while feeling creative and productive. 
  • Impress your friends with this quilt and all the quilts to come because of this class. 
  • Make quality, heirloom gifts for your family and friends
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I want to share with a you a little story of when I was first learning how to quilt as a young teen.

My grandma Carol would gather her daughters and granddaughters once a week at my house to teach us a new quilt block. I was an impatient quilter and didn't understand all the tools or techniques but when we made the log cabin, I had fun!! This block was so much easier than the others she tried to teach me. I didn't have to think to hard about how this one went together. I just stitched, flipped, and stitched again with my peddle to the medal!!

Fast forward to today, and it is still one of my favorites…not just because of the simplicity but because it is so versatile with the layout designs it can make and of course it now has some sentimental value being one of my first blocks grandma taught me.

This month our members are making this Log Cabin Quilt I want to invite you to join us. You get video lessons walking you step by step through how to make this beginner friendly block. You also get my pdf guide on different layout ideas you can use to finish your own quilt top. You’ll get a supportive community to help you along your quilting journey plus so much more member benefits!

My grandma didn’t even realize the legacy she was leaving behind when she taught me this block which grew into this business to help you create a quilt that could leave a legacy for your own children and grandchildren. I can’t wait to see what you will create. Click the link to join us today!

You don’t have to continue struggling to quilt on your own. Quilting doesn’t have to be hard or intimidating and you don’t have to do it alone. We strive to help you find that peace and fun you’ve been missing in your quilting journey. I would love to help you overcome those frustrations of learning the tools, techniques, and tricks to creating a quilt you’ll be proud of and help you experience more joy, satisfaction, and pride in your creations. 💗